Running the 10K project

This point marks the official beginning of the 10k project. I can hear claps in my mind, if only I could cut a ribbon. I will start off by giving out my fatty details to the world wide web, make it eye catchy and easily detectable by stating them down here in points. Highlighting my weakness, looks like I am the worse enemy to myself.

  1. Weight – 83 kgs
  2. Height – 5 feet 10 inches ( Body mass index must be totally fucked up)
  3. Identification features  – Round face with a round belly, close to a snow ball in human form.fat_tannsYeah, thats me. In my defense, I was introduced to KFC and McD just 2 years back and I had just started earning therefore eating there was quite regular. Beer plus all the junk has brought me to this completely round form. So before you start, do make peace with your fats coz we are peaceful people. I have given my final goodbyes to them. Sharing with you a copy of the letter.
  4. Dear fats, The journey with you for the past 2 and a half years has been amazing. You have always supported me. When ever I got paranoid about over eating, you consoled me, saying that a fat guy cannot get fatter and also brainwashed me that it was not the fats but the fitting of the T Shirt that was making me look fat. People have laughed and insulted me. In fact, some have even gone on to the extent of telling me that I looked better before, the fats don’t deserve me but I have always turned a deaf ear towards them and told you that you can stay. In spite of all that, you greedy son of a bitch wanted more. Instead of being grateful for the provided accommodation, you started to multiply and distributed your family all around my body. I believe, I have done enough for you and all that you have given me in return is the craving for junk foods. As you wont leave without a fight, I have taken the harsh decision of burning you down. I am sorry but this is the end for us, we can’t do this anymore. Regards, The dreamer to a fat free Tannu  
  5. Present running capacity  – around 3kms, pic below shows my best till now run_keep

As I don’t have a coach, I have downloaded a few android applications to track my progress. They are –

  1. Run Keeper
  2. Just 6 weeks

I will start logging my experiences and my progress through these applications right here. If you ever read this, all I want from you is to take the best out of this. 15th Feb 2014 Was very busy drinking beer. Couldn’t do much other than singing my heart out and eating junk again. I will take the project seriously from tomorrow. There we go, procrastination has started again. 16th Feb 2014 I came across a beautiful application today. Its called My Asics. You should check it out. It plans out your whole schedule. So I will be putting down my plan here. I have planned to finish by the 10th of April as the TCS 10K in bangalore should be held around that time. You must be thinking 1.5 months of preparation should easily make me competent enough to complete a 10k. I thought about this too, after my friend’s gf told me that she completed her 10k in 1 hour and 45 minutes by running for 3 kms and walking the remaining 7 kms. Therefore in order to make this project challenging and worthy enough to log everything out here, I have decided to finish the 10k in 1 hour and 3 minutes. I am going to beat the shit out of myself. Capture Looks pretty easy eh. I thought of making it a little more intense but the app says that we should start slow to skip injuries. In addition, whenever I have done intense workouts, I have always failed to complete the project. I would work hard for a week and then get bored of it. This time I have taken an easy to follow schedule, lets see how it goes. 😀 So, today, I had my first run. If you ask me “How you felt?”, My reply would be that I didn’t feel like going running at all. I had cleaned my room in the morning, post that I wanted to do anything other than running. I could only do it for the sole reason of avoiding humiliation from my close friends and the whole world wide web about the delay in the outset of the project. Therefore if you ever plan to follow this then do write a blog, so that the humiliation around keeps you going whenever you feel like giving up.


That’s me before the run. Can you see the the fats bulging from the sides of my belly ?? Yes that’s mine too. Makes me look like a fucking tea Pot. Today’s run was pretty easy as I had to run 0.5 miles only. Took me around 7 minutes as I was busy figuring out the application. From the next run, I will be carrying two mobiles so that I can use both the applications (Runkeeper and my Asics . . . .  full on promotion for them??? or me ?? only God Knows :D). I was feeling quite good after the run, till the time I ate this. 😦 IMG_1467 Now this is gonna add on to my tea pot kind of figure. I know about the “learn to say no” and “no junk food” shit but believe me it’s hard. I am trying my best here and it is going to take time to minimize junk. After all, no one becomes a super hero in a day, Hriktik Roshan took around 7 years to slim down in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, we are doing quite ok compared to that. It’s rest day for me tomorrow but I might do a little bit of running or swimming. Hope for the best :D.  


2 responses to “Running the 10K project

  1. Deepti

    August 20, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    You already completed 10k 🙂

  2. Amiyo

    August 21, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Yeah I completed that
    But left this incomplete


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