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John lemon


People love him, and there are many who want to be like him. In fact there are thousands of the same kind followed by a zillion. Why do we follow them? What makes them more superior than us??

Talking about John Lennon, if you ask anyone why do you actually like him, the preponderance of the people would settle for world peace, and now we all know that’s coming from the song Imagine. Have you ever pondered why did he ever write about world peace. Why did he even think about it in the first place.

At the early ages of his life, John was more of a rebel. He had been brought up by his aunt and the pain knowing that his mom was alive but not with him had hurt him deep. Now there were a lot of expectations from him too, but he didn’t care coz he actually didn’t have anyone to answer to. The “getting better” song reveals John talking about how he was getting better with time. He had gone through a lot as he was growing up. His parents were going through a divorce, he was asked to decide whom he actually wanted to stay with, at a time when other children of his age would pick toys. He had chosen his dad but went running to his mom and finally his aunt had been assigned to take care of him, as his mom was married to someone else. He used to bunk school and visit his mom. His mother had made him listen to Elvis, and John had gone crazy for him. His hairstyle, the way he walked and dressed had Elvis written all over it. Its said that John had asked his mom why didn’t God make him Elvis and she replied because God was saving him for John Lenon. John’s mother had brought him his first guitar and as things started getting better for him, she got killed in a car accident. Now this had bothered John for a long long while.

John’s character in his early years had been influenced by what he had gone through. John was a angry young man but love changed him. He was molded to a better person by the women he fell in love with. As he was changing, the style of songs he made changed too. Making music is easy, anyone can scribble things and make a tune out of it. Although no one will hear it but it is still music. The Beatles had become famous as they had done it differently. They had written about what they felt, their songs had music with emotions packed in their lyrics. In today’s music, one actually needs to turn up the volume to understand the words but the beatles always made the vocals dominate the entire song. The lyrics were clear and they did it as they wanted to convey their experiences and I say that is the beauty of Beatles.

As John grew older, he realized that anger and hate cannot solve anything. He started letting go of things that he couldn’t change, and made peace with the ones who mattered like his son Julian and his band member Paul. That’s the time he had come up with songs like imagine, in hopes that people would understand and reason with themselves to achieve the same mental state he was in, instead of taking the long road of realizing it with time.

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